Our Story

The Vision

Our team has decades of experience in the Industrial, Event & Equipment Rental space, and we noticed a need for a different kind of portable sanitation company. We set out to fill that gap by building a company who focused on the health and safety of customers and continuous improvement for employees.

We are focused on the customer first, which is why when we first started our company we surveyed hundreds of portable sanitation users and used their responses to begin shaping our company in the following ways:

  • A cleaning SOP that includes scrubbing the floors, disinfecting the seat, lids and door handles
  • Computer generated routing with serialized asset accountability that eliminates room for error or skipped services
  • Software driven invoicing in real time w/On-Demand On-Rent Reporting for ease of tracking, management and audit
  • Hand sanitizers as a standard accessory in all of our portable toilets

Founding NTR

With our basic procedures and systems in place, we felt confident in that we could positively impact the industry. We founded NTR with just a pump truck, 4 toilets and handwash stations. On our very first job, we had to improvise! Our customer needed more than our very young company could provide, so we added more equipment on short notice to make their delivery a complete success. This was only the beginning of our tradition of going the extra mile on each job for customers!

NTR Today

We have come a long way since the early days of one truck and four rental units! We now serve customers across the entire US Gulf Coast with customized equipment built to our exacting specifications to maximize safety. We have the capacity to deliver hundreds of toilets for a single event or site. Our customers now also receive electronic invoices and automated on-rent reports regularly.


The Future

NTR strives to be the employer of choice in the portable sanitation industry and to set new standards of service for our customers. We are one of the fastest growing companies in our industry and are currently expanding across multiple states, all this while never wavering from our Core Values.

Interested in joining our team? We’re currently looking for talented and passionate people to join our rapidly growing team. Apply now at this link!